Education for an inventive life.

Did you know that the early education you choose for your child will affect how they learn for the rest of their life?

Children grow and change at incredible rates in their early years, especially before the age of 6. They shape life-long understandings about the world based on their relationships, environment, and experiences.  At our school, we are dedicated to supporting children to develop positive associations with learning so they can be successful in achieving their goals and contribute to our world in valuable ways.  Their first impressions last a lifetime.

Early learning experiences construct the foundation of children’s ideas about how and why they learn.  When they feel capable and inspired, children carry an optimistic attitude toward learning that affects how they approach challenges, problem solving, and critical thinking.  The basis of Montessori education is to enable children to satisfy their natural desire to discover and learn in relevant and meaningful ways, so they feel genuinely motivated to engage in analytical and reflective practices throughout life.

Our program is distinctly different than other early childhood learning opportunities.  How do children develop these essential skills for success in the 21st Century?  Learn more by visiting our “Why Montessori?” page.

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